Leopard Courier Tracking

Enter your Leopard Courier Tracking Number (CN) and track the real-time location of your package or shipment online. Check the status of your consignment, including delivery details and estimated arrival time, here on our official LCS website.

Here is how to track the Leopard courier service package:

  1. Enter your 9-digit CN Number (LE590646815) without space and a comma.
  2. Tap on the button “Track Parcel”.
  3. Check the delivery status of your consignment.

Leopard Courier Tracking Service

Please put your consignment tracking ID in the above box to track your courier shipment. With the help of Leopard courier service, now you can track all your parcels online while sitting at your home.

Note: You can track orders from UK and USA with the Leopard courier tracking service.

You can track the following items with LCS tracking:

  • International parcels
  • Express parcels tracking
  • COD Consignments
  • Overnight shipments
  • Overland Shipments Wayfare
  • Pick up orders

Leopard Courier Tracking After Dispatch

Leopard courier tracking is available for Pakistan, UK, and USA. You can check the pin location of your parcel and track it throughout the shipment to the delivery process after the dispatch process.

Get the status of delivery in no time. Even if you are looking for international delivery you can easily track it online.

This courier service is for Pakistani customers who are willing to locate the current location of their packages so they can visit the official website and provide the registration number of parcels to track it.

When people order a shipment with Leopard courier, the company assigns them a unique courier ID number that is called “Tracking ID”. So people need to keep that number safe so they can later check the status of the courier.

How to Track Leopard Courier Parcel & Shipment?

Here is how to do Leopard courier tracking online:

  1. Visit our website
  2. Enter your tracking number inside the tracking box
  3. Click on track order
  4. View the courier delivery status of your parcel
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What is Leopard Courier CN Tracking Number?

Leopard tracking number is the 9-digit ID number that Leopards issue to courier delivery senders. If you want to do Leopard courier tracking, then you will need it. Without the tracking ID, you can not check your parcel’s location. However, you can get your tracking code with the following methods. The tracking number is also called the CN number which is an abbreviation of the Consignment Number.

How to Get an LCS Tracking ID Number?

The allocation of LCS tracking ID number is automated. All you have to do is just wait for the dispatching of your package. One of the representatives of Leopard courier will allocate a unique tracking number to you. You can get this number in your email or via SMS. You can see in the picture below that the tracking number is mentioned with Qr Code. You can also scan the Qr code to get your tracking ID.

This is an image of Leopard Courier Parcel with tracking number

Here is how to find the tracking number of the LCS shipment:

  1. Open your email and check for Leopard package dispatch confirmation
  2. Open that mail and look for the LCS tracking number
  3. Now visit “https://leopardcouriertracking.com
  4. Enter the 9-digit LCS tracking number in the box
  5. You will redirect to the package information

If you are unable to find the tracking number then you can also use the barcode scanner to scan your CN ID easily.

Leopard Courier Service and Tracking in Pakistan

Leopard courier service is offering multiple premium services in Pakistan and all provinces. All these services are trackable and you can track them with the help of a tracking code. So let’s see what are leopard courier services and how to track them.

  • Leopard Overnight
  • Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Leopard Bulao
  • Mera Time Delivery
  • Bill Payment
  • E-fulfillment
  • Overland Service
  • Flyer Express
  • Print and Mail
  • Send Gifts

Leopard Overnight Courier Tracking

Overnight is one of the best Leopard courier delivery services. So you can avail this opportunity to send the packages overnight from one province to another. If you want to track the Overnight service, then you will need to insert the package tracking digits in the above search bar and trace your order.

Leopard COD Courier Service Tracking

Leopard has decided to introduce online mail and package delivery in Pakistan. Now you can use and track Leopard COD courier services for your business packages as well. If you are running a small online store you will need to ship orders to your customer’s homes. And that’s why you can use the online courier pick-up service.

Mera Time Delivery (MTD)

This is a fast and secure delivery service. With Mera Time Delivery service, customers can set specific 2 hours for sending their parcels. They can choose the time according to their facility and convenience. Leopard is offering a 100% money-back guarantee if your order does not deliver on a specific time.

Leopard Bulao Service

Now you can request a pickup order and Leopard will be there to pick up the order. This is also very convenient for busy suppliers who want to deliver their shipments without visiting the official offices of LCS.

Overland Service

With Overland Service, you can send heavy shipments all over the country. You can also send packages to different regions. This is a fairly popular service. You can also do online tracking of this Leopards courier service.

Tracking Methods of Leopard Courier in Pakistan

There are three different methods that you can use to trace your Leopard order. All three methods are super easy and simple so you can follow the guideline.

1) Order Tracking Via Official Website

This is the simplest method to track and trace your Leopard consignments for Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. With this method, you can check the status of your courier with the help of the official website. This website will provide you with all the details of your dispatch items. Even if you are from the UK or USA, this method is for you.

  1. Visit the website URL “https://leopardcouriertracking.com
  2. Enter your parcel tracking ID
  3. The tracking information will be displayed on your screen shortly

2) Track and Trace Using Email

  1. Open your Email ID
  2. Enter the recipient email as “[email protected]
  3. Add the title as “Tracking Code
  4. Write an email as “Please forward the delivery status of my parcel having an ID (12345678912345), thanks”
  5. Now wait for the reply and they will inform you after a few hours

3) Use the SMS Tracking Method

  1. Open your SMS center and compose new SMS
  2. Enter 8061 as the sender’s phone number
  3. Now enter your Tracking Code and sent it to 8061

About Leopard Courier

Leopard Courier is a private Pakistani courier and logistics company. Leopard courier company was established in 1983 in Karachi. The owner of this company was Mian Jehangir Shahid. This is one of the largest courier service providers in the country.

Leopard courier transportation and logistics have a large network of Express center offices, branches, and pickup points all across Pakistan. No matter where you are living like in Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad, Sialkot, or Lahore, you will easily find a Leopard courier office near you.

Leopard courier company is also offering software management, enterprise software, and educational services in Pakistan. Leopard management is very accurate so you can reset assured about cargo and courier services.

For fast and secure delivery, there are over 1000 plus express centers and 150 plus Leopard pick-up points all across the country so that customers can visit if they want to ship a parcel.

Leopards Courier Charges List

Below are the rate lists for Leopard courier rates so you can check them out.

C.O.D TARIFF Charges For Overland

WeightWithin City DeliveryZone AZone B
Minimum – 10KGRs.600.00Rs.600.00Rs.600.00
Each Additional 500 GramsRs.60.00Rs.60.00Rs.60.00

C.O.D TARIFF Charges For Economy

WeightWithin City DeliveryZone AZone B
Minimum – 10KGRs.400.00Rs.400.00Rs.400.00
Each Additional 500 GramsRs.80.00Rs.80.00Rs.80.00

C.O.D TARIFF Charges For Overnight

Weight Within in CityZone A- SameZone B- Other
Up to 500 GramsRs.120.00Rs.160.00Rs.180.00
Up to 1 KG Rs.150.00Rs.180.00Rs.220.00
Each Additional KGRs.120.00Rs.160.00Rs.170.00

Leopard Yellow Box Charges

WeightWithin CitySame ZoneOther Zone
1KgRs. 220Rs. 270Rs. 350
Each Add. Per 500 GramRs. 110Rs. 130Rs. 170
Rs. 320Rs. 450Rs. 600
Each Add. Per KG
Rs. 160Rs. 220Rs. 280
Rs. 700Rs. 850Rs. 1150
Each Add. Per KG
Rs. 130Rs. 160Rs. 200
10KGRs. 1100Rs. 1400Rs. 1900
Each Add. Per KGRs. 100Rs. 130Rs. 180
25KGRs. 1900Rs. 2500Rs. 3300
Each Add. Per KG
Rs. 70Rs. 100Rs. 120

Leopard Courier Service Timings

Leopard Courier service has offices in almost all the cities. And many of them remain open for 24 hours. However, the official timing for courier service is 9.30 am to 10 pm. So if you are thinking about sending an order to someone then you should visit the Leopard office in the morning after 9.30 and before 10 at night.

LCS Collaboration with Online E-Commerce Stores

Good news! Now LCS is providing cargo and package delivery services for online shopping lovers. If you are doing a lot of online shopping from e-commerce stores then this is convenient for you to track and trace your order with LCS.


Now all Daraz.pk online store customers can view the status of their delivery and acquisition of packages with the help of LCS courier firm.


Another huge and leading e-commerce store Alibabas has done a partnership with LCS and now they are sending deliveries with the help of Leopards. However, Alibaba has bought Daraz.pk and DHL’s international division (DPD) as well.

Leopard Courier Complaint and Helpline Number

If you are facing an issue and want to submit a complaint then you need to call the following complaint numbers. You can also install a mobile app from Google Play Store. You can also visit the nearest Leopards courier express center.

CityExpress CentersUAN (Contact Numbers)Email Address
LahoreLeopards Courier Services, Zonal Office, 20-K, Gullberg III(042) 111-300-786[email protected]
KarachiLeopards House, 19-F, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi(021) 111-300-786[email protected]
IslamabadLeopards House, Raja Nizam Uddin Road, Iqbal Town(051) 111-300-786[email protected]
SialkotGround Floor Riaz Plaza Paris Road Sialkot(052) 4580762[email protected]
FaisalabadLeopards Courier Services, Zonal Office, 37-W-1, Madina Town(041) 111-300-786[email protected]
MultanLeopards Courier Services, Zonal Office, 516, Railway Road, Near Chowk Aziz Hotel(061) 111-300-786[email protected]
Gujranwala Leopards Courier Services, Zonal Office, Opp Jamia Mohammadia Madrisa.(055) 4297620/21[email protected]
HyderabadLeopards Courier Services, Zonal Office, A 232 B , Block C, Unit 2, Latifabad(022) 3821621[email protected]
QuettaLeopards Courier Services, Zonal Office, 2, Hassan Plaza Patial Bagh(081) 2829250[email protected]
Rawalpindi Leopards House, N-E 4, Behind Moti Mahal Cinema, Saddar, Rawalpindi(051) 5500876[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to track Leopard courier package online?

    You will need a Leopard courier tracking code and then put that in the above search box. Your details will appear in front of your screen.

  2. How can I track my Leopard Courier without tracking number?

    You can track your courier parcel even if you have lost or forgotten your tracking ID. For this purpose, you need to send an email to Leopard courier at “[email protected]”.

  3. What is the Leopard courier service delivery time?

    If you have ordered a parcel from the same city then the parcel will be delivered in one or two days. However, if you have placed an order from outside of the city then you will need to wait for four to five business days.

  4. Why is my parcel delayed?

    It can happen occasionally but you don’t need to worry. There is a delay due to holidays, some sort of transportation issues, and emergency situations. Those are the reasons for the delay. However, once the situation gets clear, you will get your parcel immediately.

  5. Is Daraz using leopard courier service?

    Yes, Leopard courier is also working with Daraz online store. If you have ordered something on Daraz, then you will get it either by Leopard courier or M&G.

  6. What are delivery business days?

    Business days are the days of the week that do not include the holidays like Saturday and Sunday. Three Business days mean three working days as well.

  7. How to Open a Leopard COD Account?

    If you want to open a cash on delivery account then you will need to email at [email protected] or you can also call them directly at 111-300-786 and ask them to open your cash on delivery account. They will arrange an appointment and then they will guide you further.

  8. What is the CN number?

    The CN number is the Consignment Number which is also called tracking ID. You can use the CN to track and trace your parcel.

  9. What is Leopard courier service?

    Leopard courier service is a courier and logistics service provider in Pakistan, UK, and Dubai.